Now Selling Loop-Loc Safety Covers

Now Selling Loop-Loc Safety Covers

Now Selling Loop-Loc Safety Covers

The Best Safety Covers In The Industry

Is there anything more important in life than keeping our families and children safe? At Matt’s Water, we provide the highest quality products designed to keep both your family & pool environment safe. To help us with our mission of enhancing our outdoor living spaces, we’ve signed up as a dealer for LOOP-LOC Safety Covers.

LOOP-LOC was first founded in 1978 with five employees. Co-Founder, Bill Donaton, first envisioned the business in 1957 as a way to keep animals from falling into swimming pools, while allowing rain water to pass through. Continuous improvements were made to the product line through the 1970s & 1980s in order to enhance it’s child safety measures. With the introduction of  “LOOP-LOC’s GAPGUARD® and SAFEDGE®, now known as CABLE-LOC™ Child Safety Intrusion Barriers,” LOOP-LOC led the way for innovation in the Pool & Spa industry.

Awarded with Patent # 4,982,457, Bill Donaton helped lead the way for industry-accepted performance standards. Since then, LOOP-LOC has expanded it’s product offering to include Vinyl Liners as well as Safety Covers. It’s all in an effort to provide the highest quality craftsmanship for the most vital components of your swimming pool. Here at Matt’s Water, we have aligned ourselves with LOOP-LOC’s mission of safety & quality. We’re proud to offer it as part of our customer focused initiatives!

We can custom measure a LOOP-LOC cover to fit nearly any pool shape. Here you can see a safety cover installed on a free-form pool. By capturing A-B Measurements, we're able to use a process of triangular to find our exact curvature and get a computer cut. Pretty cool stuff!

We can custom measure a LOOP-LOC cover to fit nearly any pool shape. Here you can see a safety cover installed on a free-form pool. By capturing A-B Measurements, we’re able to use a process of triangular to find our exact curvature and get a computer cut. Pretty cool stuff!

Using The Highest Quality Materials Available

Just how on earth is LOOP-LOC rated the highest quality safety cover manufacturer in the industry? For starters, the primary material is constructed of Polyester Bonded Threads that are 30% stronger than industry standards. Combine this leading material with:

  • Double perimeter webbing
  • Double thick straps
  • 302 stainless steel springs
  • “87% black yard in fabric for added UV resistance,” LOOP-LOC

All of these products are designed to enhance the safety of these safety covers as well as their durability over time. Safety Covers are designed to take a large amount of wear and tear over time. Designed to be put on at the beginning of Fall and and removed at the start of Spring, LOOP-LOC safety covers endure some of the harshest conditions of our fiscal calendar.

Therefore, it’s no wonder LOOP-LOC puts so much emphasis on the types of materials sourced for their safety covers. Because of their investment in their product lineup, that they can offer their industry-leading 15-year prorated warranty.


Elephant Tested & Approved

We love showing our customers the (above) video of Bubbles walking across a LOOP-LOC safety cover. Baby elephants can weight between 200lbs – 300lbs at birth. This provides us a perfect example of your average adult who may stumble upon this safety cover during winter months. Would you also believe that this LOOP-LOC cover is able to retain its durability despite being punctured by the elephant’s tusk during the video?

15-Year Pro-Rated Warranty & Replacement Parts

Despite the LOOP-LOC safety cover being backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty, hardware and components can wear out. Wear and tear is a common part of any equipment ownership, and LOOP-LOC provides a great source for replacing these wear and tear items on their website. Of course, you can also call upon Matt’s Water Pool Service and we can replace any worn items on your LOOP-LOC safety cover if needed.

In essence, LOOP-LOC provides a great amount of support for our safety cover clients. For questions or product maintenance questions, they offer their toll free # 1-800-LOC-LOOP (562-5667). Whether you have a question about setting your cover for Fall, removing for Spring, maintenance, cleaning, repairs or storage – Matt’s Water & LOOP-LOC have got you covered!

Once we’ve installed your new safety cover, we will take care of completing your Warranty Registration Card. These warranty registration cards should be completed within 30 days of your new safety cover installation. It’s our way of abiding by the home owner agreement with LOOP-LOC and ensuring you receive the highest level of support and customer service!

Available in Cover Sizes & Shapes

If you’re not into the standard Green Mesh, that’s fine! LOOP-LOC offers a wide range of colors, ranging from Green, Tan, Black, Blue & Gray. These colors are designed to give you plenty of options for your own design & personal taste. They match beautifully with many types of decking, pavers & concrete patios. For example of LOOP-LOC covers installed in a variety of job sites, feel free to browse this gallery of installations.

Trust Matt’s Water With Your Pool Safety

At Matt’s Water, our business is keeping you and your family safe! It’s also, enhancing your backyard lifestyle and providing you with products and services to enhance that lifestyle. We want all of our customers to remember the joy of being outdoors. We also believe that our backyards are wonderful outdoor spaces that we can make our own with our own personalities and design preferences. Therefore, why trust anyone other the industry-leading professionals with the care and treatment of your outdoor living spaces.

We offer a wide range of services that complete any outdoor new construction & renovation job. For more information, we’ve included some links below to our products and services pages. Read on and find out just how much we can do for you!

Therefore, if you’ve got a backyard renovation project in mind or your looking to create something entirely new, give us a call! We’re here to meet your needs and provide you with a backyard lifestyle that your sure to love and enjoy!

Protect Your Pool Plaster – Proper Water Balancing

Protect Your Pool Plaster – Proper Water Balancing

Protect Your Pool Plaster

The Secret to Healthy Pool Plaster

At Matt’s Water, we are big believers in helping our customers save money by taking care of their swimming pools. It’s our foundation belief that many home owners do not understand the importance of Water Chemistry. Therefore, we want to take up the challenge and provide the training and information necessary to help you protect your investment. That being said, what’s the best way for you to save money and take care of your swimming pool?

If you guessed Chemistry, then you’re right! Proper Water balancing is the most essential ingredient to safe, affordable and happy pool ownership. It’s amazing that such a simple concept and often gets overlooked – especially during the Winter Time.

This time of year, as the summer season winds down and school vamps up, home owners look for ways to save money. Unfortunately, saving money by discontinuing pool service and neglecting your swimming pool is the surest way to pay more down the road. What do we mean? To truly understand, we need to take a quick synopsis of all the pieces of your pool that cost money.

The Crucial Pieces to Your Swimming Pool

One of the most expensive aspects to any swimming pool is your pool surface, also known as Pool Plaster. This material is the colorful and textured surface that covers the entire internal surface area of your swimming pool. Plaster is comprised of cement materials, aggregate (texture), colored particles and crystals.

Most importantly, your pool plaster is in constant contact with your water. Therefore, there is not any other aspect of your swimming pool that is more susceptible to chemical damage than your pool plaster. Unfortunately, the pool plaster is also the piece of your pool that you notice the most. If your pool plaster experiences the epidemic of Etching or Scaling (as we will cover below) this can become quite the eyesore. It can also be extremely costly to fix these issues; often involving a price tag that many home owners can’t afford.

Lastly, would you also believe us if we said that your pool water is more chemically aggressive in the Winter Time than than Summer Time? Let us find out why.

This image shows the damage that a Corrosive Water Environment can create. What you are seeing here is evidence of "Etching" on the pool plaster. This is due to pool water being deficient in vital minerals such as Calcium. It causes the water to literally draw Calcium right out of your pool wall. Needless to say, these scars would be wide spread and not very attractive to look at.

This image shows the damage that a Corrosive Water Environment can create. What you are seeing here is evidence of “Etching” on the pool plaster. This is due to pool water being deficient in vital minerals such as Calcium. It causes the water to literally draw Calcium right out of your pool wall. Needless to say, these scars would be wide spread and not very attractive to look at.

Water Requires a State of Balance

By the laws of nature, your Pool Water & Pool Plaster are in a constant state of balance. In essence, your pool plaster will naturally have it’s own properties such as PH, Calcium, Alkalinity and so on. Conversely, your pool water (out of the tap) will have it’s own independent readings as well. The trouble comes along when these two sets of digits don’t match up. What happens is a chemical tug of war, with water always being the winner:

Water is capable of dissolving a variety of different substances, which is why it is such a good solvent. And, water is called the “universal solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid. This is important to every living thing on earth. It means that wherever water goes, either through the ground or through our bodies, it takes along valuable chemicals, minerals, and nutrients. – The USGS, Water Science School

Because water is the Universal Solvent, it has the capability to add or subtract chemicals, minerals and nutrients to satisfy it’s demand for balance. What does all of this complex information mean for your pool plaster?

Simply put, not satisfying the chemical requirements of water means it will extract or deposit excess minerals as needed. Water is essential to all life on earth, but it can also become very aggressive is not balanced properly.

Example: Winter Conditions

If you allow your swimming pool to be vulnerable to Winter Conditions (such as colder water temperature) this will negatively affect your LSI reading. In essence, your water will become Mineral Deficient and extract valuable calcium from your pool plaster – causing Etching. This is very bad and can cost thousands to replace.

Here you can glimpse the power of the Orenda Technology App. This amazing software allows us to measure the LSI index for your pool water. As you can see from the image, by booster the pH & Calcium of the pool water, we are able to restore the balance to this swimming pool. It's simple in theory and highly effective at saving you money.

Here you can glimpse the power of the Orenda Technology App. This amazing software allows us to measure the LSI index for your pool water. As you can see from the image, by boosting the pH & Calcium of the pool water, we are able to restore the balance to this swimming pool. It’s simple in theory and highly effective at saving you money.

What Is The Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)?

This is a lot of complex information and how on earth are we able to measure these types of changes? Luckily, at Matt’s Water, we’ve been in this industry for quite some time. We also have the tools at our disposal to check your pool water for proper water chemistry & balancing.

Going back to the concept of the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) as mentioned above, let’s take a deeper look. The LSI Index is a calculation for the Mineral Saturation of water. In essence, it determines the amount of Minerals your water can hold before they Fall Out of Suspension. It’s important to note, when we say Minerals, what we really mean is Calcium – one of the most natural minerals available to our backyards.

Understanding the LSI Calculation

In essence, the LSI is a calculation used to determine the Corrosive or Scale Forming properties of our pool water. By using the formula (listed below), we can calculate this scale from -.3 (Corrosive) up to +.3 (Scale Forming). If our value falls anywhere between these two numbers, our water is determined to be in balance. Balanced water ensures that our water is properly satisfied and non-aggressive. This keeps your pool plaster safe from the corrosive or scale forming properties of water. In essence, keeping your water satisfied will save you money.

If you’ve taken a moment to watch both videos, then you now have some greater insight into why understanding your pool chemistry is so important! In essence, the LSI is a great tool that we can use to determine the happiness of your pool water. If your pool water is out of balance, we can use this tool to help us correct it based on dosage levels. It’s important that we apply the correct chemical dosage based on the volume of your swimming pool (no more and no less).

Lastly, some key takeaways from our lessons on the LSI Index include:

  • Etching of your pool plaster is permanent!
  • Cold water lowers your LSI score, leading to more Corrosive conditions (info below)
  • Taking the time necessary to understand the LSI can save you thousands in pool repair & maintenance
  • Your pool plaster is the most susceptible aspect of your pool to pool chemical conditions

Your Water is More Dangerous During Cold Months

If you’ve downloaded the Orenda App and played around a bit, then you’ve surely noticed the Temperature metric. It’s crucially important that we understand how Temperature impacts the balance of our water chemistry. The LSI is comprised of 6 key metrics:

  • Calcium
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • TDS
  • Stabilizer

Of these 6 metrics, the one that has the highest (and most sneaky impact) is Temperature. Because our pools are subjected to external environments, the temperature of our pool water fluctuates with the changes in season. As outside ambient temperature decreases, so does your pool water. A pool that was balanced during the summertime can easily become Corrosive (with potential for Etching) as the water temperature drops down.

This is a scary reality and one of the most important reasons to keep Matt’s Water on your monthly home budget. Although paying for a monthly pool service during the winter time sounds counter intuitive, we guarantee you, it could be the best decision all winter.

As the LSI indicates, pool water becomes more corrosive during the winter time. Etching is a serious condition and is irreversible. Not only does it leave ugly hash marks all over your pool plaster, but it also damages your pool equipment and renders it inoperable. A home owner that neglects their swimming pool all winter long has the potential for thousands in repairs the next Spring.

Hire Matt’s Water & Keep Your Pool Surface Safe

At Matt’s Water, we don’t want our customers to endure the headache and stress of costly pool repairs. Instead, we want you to open up your swimming pool for summer and jump right in for fun. By taking some simple and intuitive steps this Winter time, you can ensure your pool is swim ready for Summer 2019.

Lastly, this effort will keep your pool plaster safe during the time of the year that we are using our pools the least. If you’d like for us to provide some assistance, that’s great! We understand that life is busy and you have a lot going on. That’s why we offer the best & highest quality Pool Service in the greater East Texas & Corsicana region. Our team is ready to visit your pool and provide you with an in depth analysis of your pool water and will keep it safe all winter long! Give us a call today!

Jack’s Magic – Stain Identification Program

Jack’s Magic – Stain Identification Program

Jack’s Magic – Stain Identification Program

Many home owners are unsure of what to do when they notice stains in their swimming pool. Often these ugly marks result in frustration and bitterness towards the swimming pool that you once loved and enjoyed. You may try to remove these stains yourself, but it is highly recommended to reach out to a pool professional before you let too much time pass. Often these situations only worsen if left untreated for too long.

Matt’s Water is highly trained in Stain Identification Technology and we can treat any stain you come across. By contacting Matt’s Water we can quickly diagnose the cause of your stain & begin a treatment plan immediately.

What Causes Staining In Your Pool?

There are very many causes of stains in your swimming pool. Each cause has a root issue that almost always revolves around the chemistry of your swimming pool. We refer to the chemistry of your swimming pool as the Water Balance.

To understand this concept, we need to break your water balance into it’s individual components. Below is a list of each aspect of your water balance along with the recommended levels:

  • Free Chlorine: 1 – 3 ppm
  • Total Chlorine: 1 – 3 ppm
  • pH: 7.4 – 7.6
  • Calcium Hardness: 200 – 400 ppm
  • Total Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid: 0 – 30 ppm
  • Copper: 0 ppm
  • Iron: 0 ppm

Maintaining these chemistry levels is often a challenge for most home owners. It seems easier to understand how your cable bill is calculated than understanding how to keep your water chemistry in balance. Oftentimes because these chemical levels seem daunting, most home owners default to the age old method of taking care of their swimming pools. Looking for clear water, shocking & adding chlorine tablets is general practice for most home owners.

Many Factors Affect Our Pool Chemistry

Unfortunately, this is often not enough maintain to keep your water chemistry properly balanced. Similar to the engine in your vehicle, your pool chemistry needs to be checked regularly (we recommend weekly checks). We emphasize regular testing because your pool water is impacted by many internal and external factors:

  • Body sweat
  • Sun screen & tanning oils
  • Grass, leaves & other vegetation
  • Rain
  • Evaporation
  • Much more…

It’s important to realize that your swimming pool is an open air ecosystem that absorbs many elements & constantly seeks balance. Water by nature requires balance to be satisfied. When our pool water is allowed to spend ample time out of balance it will naturally draw elements from your pool plaster or pull molecules from “out of suspension.” This is not good!

Believe it or not, molecules such as metals are often unseen (or invisible) because your water is balanced and satisfied. However, if too many of a particular product exist in your swimming pool this causes that molecule to become too heavy and “fall out of suspension.” The same can be said for other elements of your swimming pool. Let’s continue diving in and learning more!

How to Identify Stains In Your Pool

Keeping all of this detailed information in mind, how do we recognize when staining is occurring in our swimming pool? Also, if we begin to notice stains, how do we treat them and remove them from our swimming pool?

Well, first thing is first. Since we have already identified that stains are primarily the result of chemical issues from unbalanced water, then we must treat our stains with chemicals to remove them. That being said, we utilize a very unique and handy produced – the Jack’s Magic: The Stain ID Kit.

This kit includes 4 topical tests that we apply individually to each stain. Within 30 seconds, one of these four tests will cause a chemical reaction or “erasing” of the stain. This indicates what compounds are impacting your pool plaster and helps us identify our treatment method.

Developing a Jack’s Magic Treatment Plan

Trust us, stains happen. They happen even to the best swimming pool owners at one time or another. Often they arise without notice and it’s not until they reach a size of 6″ or larger that we often notice them. By that point the damage is already done and it’s time to seek professional treatment to eradicate them.

Upon noticing a stain, we urge you not to panic. Instead contact Matt’s Water so we can identify the type of stain that is occurring and begin an immediate treatment to mitigate the damage.

The Jack’s Magic Treatment Plan is simple but must be followed correctly for the highest level of stain removal. The treatment plan follows this plan but you can find the complete treatment plan by clicking this link:

  1. Identify – what is the cause of the stains? (use the Stain ID Kit)
  2. Remove – after locating the cause of the stain apply a Jack’s Magic treatment product for proper stain removal
  3. Prevent – once your stain is properly treated, we can set your up with a “preventive plan” to keep the culprit minerals out of your water

So What Was The Result of Our Tests?

You may have noticed the images of the Stain Tests throughout this article. By reviewing our first set of images from start to finish, we are following a process of elimination. We also are sure to test multiple stain locations around the swimming pool. This helps to isolate each stain to receive the best test results.

As you can see, we use the following test (4 topical treatments) on different points throughout the swimming pool:

The objective of using different tests is to see which ones consistently and effective remove our “test stains” from this swimming pool. As you can see from our set of images, it appears that Test #1 & #4 were the most effective at stain removal.

At first glance, we assume this is related to by Iron & Scale (exists in both sets of tests). In order to treat this type of staining, we will combine both Jack’s Magic Copper & Scale Stuff as well as their Magic Stain Solution.

If you have any questions about which treatment method your swimming pool might use, just give us a call. We will come out and test your water and help you identify the appropriate treatment option for your swimming pool!

Matt’s Water Brings The Best Treatment Tools

There is a whole lot more that we can cover about Pool Stains & Treatment Options. In fact, this is a very involved subject that requires years of industry knowledge to truly grasp. However, for our purposes, we hope to just highlight the causes of stains (often chemistry issues) & identify a solution (stain identification & targeted treatment).

Matt’s Water has the equipment, team and expertise available to help you treat any pool stain that you are encountering. We also have the capability to service any other aspect of your swimming pool. In fact, we have a fully functional Service Plan, a Brick & Mortal Retail Store or Online E-Commerce store. We provide you with all sorts of options to get the products and services you need to service and maintain your swimming pool.

We service Corsicana, TX as well as all surrounding areas. We invite you to give us a call for a free estimate of our services or visit our store or Online Shop for more information over products and services!