New Construction: Plumbing & Steel

New Construction: Plumbing & Steel

Phase #2 of New Construction: Plumbing & Steel

Matt’s Water Pool Service is continuing the New Pool Construction project for our Ennis Job. This week we are covering the completion of Phase #2 of this project: Plumbing & Steel.

As you can see from the image above, we can see the shape of this new swimming pool come to life before our eyes. What started out as a flat yard has turned into a framed swimming pool.

Our objective for this week is simple: create the “framework” for our pool & “flow” for our water.

It’s in this stage that we emphasize our crews take the time necessary to ensure that all of the “guts” of the swimming pool are built according to code. Not only are we plumbing our filtration lines with water turnover in mind, but we are also ensuring that our clients have a swimming pool designed to last for years to come!

What we are describing here is a simple concept: ensuring that your swimming pool is built right the first time. Many pool builders breeze through the new construction phase of each project because they want to quickly move onto the final product: a finished pool. However, Matt’s Water understands the concept of quality over speed. Therefore, we design our swimming pools to outperform, outlast and over impress our clients. It’s our way of doing business and we aren’t going to change our methods to keep pace against the other pool builders in our area.

– Matt Vassallo (Owner)

Creating the “Frame” for our Gunite Pool Shell

After Phase #1: Excavation of any new construction project, it’s time to move into Phase #2: Laying our Steel (rebar) Cage.

There are several very important but fundamental rules to creating our steel cage that we want to examine and highlight here. We like to highlight these details because it educates our clients about the importance of this phase of the project.

  • There are two types of Grade 40 rebar sizes: #3 (3/8″) & #4 (1/2″). Each is used depending on the type of swimming pool structure being built.
  • Steel is typically tied with 6″ squares
  • Steel must not exceed 3″ of void space on either side (from dirt to steel; steel to plaster)
  • Steel must be tied tightly and is often vibration tested to ensure a tight bond along the complete framework
  • Steel must be properly “bonded” for electrical & lighting protection

It’s easiest to think about the steel cage of your swimming pool in terms of the skeleton of your body. If your bones are strong and healthy then your body benefits from a long and healthy life.

The same is true for your swimming pool. If your steel frame stays healthy & avoids rust (more to come on our “Waterproofing” article later) then you can avoid the major pitfalls of hollow spots, fracturing or cracking later on.

It’s All About What’s Inside: Water Filtration

Secondly, during the same phase as installing our rebar we also focus on running our Plumbing (filtration) Lines. This is the portion of the project where we look at a few very important things:

  • How much water turnover is required for this size of swimming pool?
  • Where is the filtration equipment going to be located?
  • How many main drains, skimmers & return fittings are required?
  • What size pipe is needed for each type of line, i.e. water feature, spa jet, return line, skimmer line, etc?

Shown clearly in our image above, we are very tedious in the layout of our plumbing lines. As you can see, we coordinate our crews to ensure that our trenches are dug wide enough for horizontal lines. We do NOT stack our lines to save on excavation costs! Rather, we give each line the room it needs to isolate and prevent future problems from soil movement, leak detection or any other issue that could arise. The key for a successful plumbing job is simple:

  • Always check for leaks before covering the plumbing lines with earth & decking
  • Think about the next guy (any future service technician who may need to service a line) & plumb so these lines are easily serviceable
  • Ensure problem water turnover rates

It’s our passion to deliver exceptional quality for every new construction client. If we can ensure that each line is plumbed to a superior level then we’ve done our part to build a swimming pool that exceeds their expectations!

– Matt Vassallo (Owner)

Double Checking Our Work: Pressure Testing

The final phase of Stage #2 (Steel & Plumbing) is Pressure Testing. This is a crucial aspect for every new construction project! Pure and simple, this ensures that there is no leaks in our filtration lines.

It sounds simple in truth but you’d be surprised by how many jobs can get covered up without simple pressure testing. If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to prevent a subterranean leak, pressure testing is the trick!

We accomplish this task by “capping” our return lines and pressure testing our lines with compressed air. If the lines hold air without losing pressure then we’ve got an airtight system and don’t have any leaks. Once we’ve completed this task, we’re ready to move onto phase #3 – schedule our gunite crews!

Moving onto Stage #3: Shooting the Gunite

Lastly, once our Steel & Plumbing crews have completed the installation of our steel cage and filtration lines its time to move onto Phase #3: Gunite!

This is the down and dirty part of pool construction and you’ll be amazed at the way that we install concrete into this swimming pool. However, we’ve run out of time and space on this article but are hard at work preparing our gunite article to publish here in the next few weeks!

Therefore, stay tuned and see for yourself how Matt’s Water Pool Service is in the business of constructing the highest quality swimming pools in Corsicana & Navarro county!

New Construction: Excavation

New Construction: Excavation

Our First New Construction Project!

Matt’s Water Pool Services is proud to announce the commencement of our first Custom Pool Construction project since our company’s inception. We created Matt’s Water Pool Services in the Fall of 2017 and currently service Corsicana TX & surrounding areas with:

  • Retail Sales including eCommerce (see our free delivery policy)
  • Pool Cleaning Services & Maintenance
  • New Pool Construction & Remodeling
  • Equipment Repairs & Replacement
  • Swimming Pool Automation Upgrades & Programming

The list can go on and on… Needless to say, we have gone a long way since our company’s first day of business. The key to our success is not our speedy learning abilities but rather our previous experience in the swimming pool industry.

Matt Vassallo (our owner) has been in the swimming pool industry for over 30 years. From swimming pool excavation (he actually dug this Ennis pool himself) to owning a pool service company in DFW – we have been around the block many times and have done it all.

We mention all of this because we want our clientele in Corscicana TX and Navarro County to know our history and what we have to offer!

Our History: We’ve Excavated Many, Many Pools

From years past, Matt Vassallo has excavated hundreds of swimming pools for other swimming pool builders. Matt has experience working with pool schematics and digging the earth to the exact shape, size and depth other pool builders have required. He was the guy in the rig, running the machinery and making it all happen for the crews.

As you can see from the images above, Matt is able to take our swimming pool schematics from the paper into the field. The stages of this task include:

  • Orienting the pool in the correct direction
  • Ensuring correct placement with all local codes & permits
  • Marking our perimeter while creating enough “over dig” for back fill material, rebar, plumbing, gunite & plaster
  • Ensuring the deck will be level with the pool after all materials are added

Finding a Pool Builder You Can Trust

If you’ve had any experience with construction or attempt to imagine all of the stages you can see how complicated these plans can be to execute. Once you’ve added materials you can’t go back to change your elevation. Therefore, you’d better be sure your calculations were correct for everything to work out correctly in the end.

Therefore, why would you want to trust your hard earned money and investment with a swimming pool company that isn’t willing to be open and transparent with you throughout the whole process?

Our guarantee with Matt’s Water Pool Services is to deliver exceptional customer service, transparency, education & dedication to our customers. We work through the construction process with our customers to ensure that our clients are well cared for and rest easy for our services!

– Matt Vassallo (owner)

Our Highest Quality Control Measures

Matt has now brought this industry knowledge to our team and we are so grateful for his years of field experience. It has certainly shown and we are proud to state that Matt has been present or first-hand completed every stage of this project. From either working on the pool himself or managing sub-contractors in the field; we’ve hands our hands in control of it all!

What this means for our clients is that we offer an extremely high level of quality control! When we commit to building a swimming pool for a client we supervise every aspect of the swimming pool construction to ensure the highest quality product – designing it to last for years to come!

Constructing The Best Gunite Pools Available

To continue our discussion of this New Construction project in Ennis TX, let’s take a look at our excavation phase in detail. For starters, for this project we’ve designed a large 8′ deep swimming pool that is about 30,000 gallons. This pool is located in a large open space which allowed us a lot of freedom for sizing, placement and orientation.

Our client has requested for us to construction the following:

  • Attached Spa
  • Beach Entry
  • Bubblers in Shallow End
  • LED Lighting
  • Smart Phone Controls
  • Deep End approved for diving

Enough History Talk: Let’s Get Down & Dirty

To begin this project we first started with our “painting” or layout of this swimming pool using spray paint and temporary markers. Matt and our team laid out the shape, size and orientation of this swimming pool by essentially painting it onto the grass with orange spray paint.

From there, Matt rented an excavator rig with a 3′ bucket and took 1 1/2 days to excavate this swimming pool.

All throughout the excavation, Matt was diligent to check for depths, elevations and dimensions for the swimming pool. This diligence ensured that the plans our client approved for this project are properly executed – so they get what they are asking for.

Stage #1: Excavation — Stage #2: Laying the Rebar

Stage #1 of any swimming pool construction is always going to be excavation! This is a crucial step in any new construction project and you can’t move forward without first moving the dirt.

Therefore, because this is the first step in our new construction project, we are diligent to ensure that this process is done thoroughly and completely. After this stage is completed, you can see our crews move onto Stage #2laying our rebar for durability & strength. Our rebar crews lay their steel based upon our excavated dimensions so it’s crucial that we had a perfect excavation to give them a perfect canvas to work with!

Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

We will have another article posted this month to cover our Rebar & Plumbing portion of this new construction project in Ennis, TX.

We know that this is a lot of information to digest but there is a lot of our history to share. In addition, we are very excited to begin offering new construction to our clients and want to emphasize our focus on excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and experience in the field.

Therefore, if you’re on the market looking to purchase a new swimming pool: Matt’s Water Pool Service is here to help! In fact, if you’re interested in a new swimming pool – just click our Contact Us Form.

This is a very helpful form that provides us with some basic information about yourself and what you’re looking for. You can also upload important information such as dimensions and images of your backyard for our teams to review before we visit your home!